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(mmWave) band i◆n Yokohama, ○

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ication〓s and deploym〓ents of 5G ◆mmWave.Long-distance○ mobility transm〓ission over● 5GmmWave is one of○ the enabling● technologi〓es to realiz●e 5G enhance〓d Mobile Broa■dband (eMB○B) and ubiquitous c◆onnectivity ○of massive data r●ate while fully le●veraging the c●urrent macro-cellu○lar sites in●vestment b■y operator●s.Takehiro Nakam●ura, the vice-presi◆dent and mana〓ging direct◆or of 5G Labor■atory at NTT DOC●OMO said, long-d●istance transmiss■ion over 39GHz○mmWave will ●enable 5G netw○ork deploymen◆ts on a large scale.●"It opens ●up the new stage■ of the 39GHz mmWa●ve technology a

nd w〓ill deliver● the ultra-fast● experience〓 with 5G high dat○a speed," ○he said.Wen ■Tong, Huawei fell■ow and CTO of H〓uawei Wireless Netwo〓rks, said i〓t's a technol○ogical chall〓enge and opportun〓ity to use the l●ong-distance tra〓nsmission of 5G○ mmWave Mobile Comm■unications technolo■gy.The wireless ◆industry, he sai●d will start using● the new spec◆trum 100 times bro●ader than curr◆ent network to

commer◆cial areas in

foste●r next wav●e of innovations."Th■e 5G mmWave t●echnology wi●ll help our custom○ers to reus◆e the existing netwo■rk infrastructur○e, especiall◆y for sites resource○, to protect th■eir investmen◆t. Huawei will conti〓nue to inno◆vate to ma●ke 5G mmWave a su■ccess," Wen s○aid.Achieving● wide area cov●erage and mobili●ty perform○ance on 5G mmWave● is still a tech●nological challeng●e for 5G in●dustry. High ●propagation los○s of mmWave signa●ls limits its cov■erage, while n◆arrow direc●tional beam 〓required to fo●cus the transmissi〓on power make◆s the mmWave beam〓 to track the ●mobile device, be◆coming more ○difficult.The joint● field trial condu○ced in November 2017■ s

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